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When You're NOT Writing, I'm Still Cheering

During Wednesday's Writing Circle, one member shared they had recently made amazing progress on their book, written 11,000 words in a little over a week and was in a great, energized writing space.

We celebrated.

Another member then shared that they weren’t doing too well and hadn’t written in a while.

We celebrated.

At first glance, celebrating “not writing” might seem like a strange thing to do in a writing community, but it’s kind of par for the course around here.

Here, we honor and celebrate all of the moments and milestones on the writing path. We honor the truth, and we honor the showing up. We honor being an open book about yourself and about your writing practice.

Not writing is a milestone on the path to writing. 

After all, we're still writers even when we’re not writing. 

Being a writer is just who you are, not a title that gets bestowed and removed depending on your level of progress and output. 

So, at this moment, whether you are at the height of your writing momentum or in a valley of blank pages…

I see you, dear writer.  Keep going.

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