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Open Book Company Authors

The following are clients of The Open Book Company that I have had the honor of walking alongside during their writing journeys, ranging from editing to book coaching to self-publishing support. To be clear, the success these authors have achieved is both defined by them and achieved by them. I am simply a partner to them on their path. 


Are We Free Yet? The Black Queer Guide to Divorcing America

by Tina Strawn

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"Working with Kim on writing and getting my first book published was exactly the support that I needed. She is patient, knowledgeable and encouraging. She provides great accountability and is a great motivator. I would highly encourage anyone looking for book writing coaching to work with Kim."
-Tina Strawn, Black Joy Advocate | Author | Liberation Advocate

As Familiar as Family 

by Nicki Pappas

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"The first time Kim and I spoke, I felt the magic. I appreciate that Kim operates from a model of abundance rather than scarcity and that my most important values align with Kim's values. Kim made the whole process of self-publication much easier to navigate for me as a first time author. Having her walk with me each step of the way made all the difference. She has done so much to help me tell the story I needed to hear years ago. She is an advocate for me and my work, and I can’t wait to bring more books into the world with her."
- Nicki Pappas, Author and Podcast Host


Kindness Week

by Tahiya Cooper

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"I had written five children's books and had not done anything to move forward to become a published author until I met Kim. [She] listens for understanding and provides the best coaching advice. Working with Kim has really helped my confidence and provided clarity on how to become a successful author. I will also be using Kim's services for my next book."

- Tahiya Cooper, Educator + Author 

I'm Not Bad! 
I just want attention...

by Yashekia Felder Matthew


"Kim was amazing at proofreading and editing my book. She made small changes that added clarity and had a huge impact in how key messages within the book were delivered to the reader. She was detailed-oriented and super thorough with her launch and communication plan for the book. Kim eased my fears (there are many with being a first-time author) by sharing past learnings and offering helpful tips that saved time and money during this ambiguous process. I'd highly recommend her whether you are thinking about writing a book or already have one written and want to take it from 'good to great.' She has my complete vote of confidence! 

- YFM, Founder of Inspiration is Free 

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The Sunshine Rock: A Story About Empathy

by Tahiya Cooper


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The Woo Woo Book

by John Verbrugge


Coming Summer 2023.

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"I highly recommend working with Kim. She has helped me in the writing process in several ways. First, she is very knowledgeable about the writing and publishing industry, so my questions about what to do when, how much things cost, how to organize various parts of the writing process--these questions she answered with ease and helped me navigate. Kim is also a wonderful writing coach. She is just the right mix of tough love and kind encouragement. I am grateful and honored to be working with Kim." - John Verbrugge, Author and Entrepreneur

The Introduction Effect
How Great People Get Connected to Great Things

by Noble Madu

Coming spring 2023

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