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What Your Readers Really Want

On Friday, I hosted The Open Book Company’s very first in-person Writer’s Retreat.

While I’ve hosted many virtual and in-person events over the years, this was the very first in-person writing retreat I've hosted.

There was certainly the temptation for me to present myself with the gravitas of someone who had led 100 writing retreats before, but I quickly dismissed that idea and let everyone know: this was the first.

I’d rather be an open book.

I’d rather be real, and raw, and vulnerable.

I wanted to let the people attending know we were in this together.

And this is what I invite you to do with your writing.

I want you to peel back the facade and when you think you’ve peeled it back, I want you to go one layer deeper and deeper still.

Truly connecting with your reader is only possible when you let them behind the curtain. Not that first curtain. But--when you’re ready--all the curtains.

It’s there where you will be able to drop in, find your authentic voice, get out the gritty, the real, the YOU of it all.

That’s all your reader wants and needs: just you.


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