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The Best Time to Plan a Book

Here’s a list of times you might be able to write, but likely not with the frequency preferred or required:

  • A month in Santorini (someday...)

  • A week-long mountain retreat (also someday...)

  • A weekend holed up in your bedroom (not this weekend...)

  • A full day at your desk (maybe next month?)

  • A 4- hour block at the local coffee shop (well, if I just move this meeting and that meeting and...)

In the absence of these great swaths of time, what can you do? Author Julia Cameron proposes we “grab time” for our writing instead. 

How about…

  • Jotting down your thoughts in your phone’s notes app while waiting in line for your latte?

  • Recording a voice memo with possible titles for your next chapter on the way to a protest?

  • Writing some main character dialogue on the back of a receipt whilst you sit in your car during your kiddo's swim practice?

  • Sending a “Writing Idea” email to yourself from the back of your rideshare to the airport?

The perfect time to write that article, book proposal, or next chapter may never come for you.

Embracing that reality can be freeing.


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