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Open Book Community Member Spotlight: Jinx Malcolm

How can a person who labors with genuine love and dedication be an imposter? - Jinx Malcolm

Periodically, I'll be putting a spotlight on one of the members of The Open Book Community. This month, I'm thrilled to feature Jinx Malcolm. They have been a member of our community for one year, having joined after last year's Messy May Challenge! 

Jinx is an amazing horror, sci-fi and non-fiction writer based in Manitou Springs, Colorado. They are currently working on a cosmic horror novel about chronic pain and illness.

In addition to writing, Jinx also walks and trains dogs, sings, crochets and practices energy work. Jinx loves horror movies and books because "they show some of the most accurate reflections of society while using incredible creativity and world-building." Their favorite books are Jurassic Park, The Hollow Places and Into the Drowning Deep.

Here's a bit of what Jinx recently shared about their writing process and experience in The Open Book Community! 👇👇

What do you love about writing? 

I love how writing allows me to create worlds and process through life experiences. Writing is so transformative because it can be anything you need. It can be funny, silly, outlandish, horrifying, truthful, romantic- it can be any singular one of these and all of these at once. Writing grows my spirit and my mind.

What is one of your writing challenges?

Being consistent without a writing circle or body double is a big challenge.

What's a piece of advice you would give to other writers or people who feel like writing "imposters"?

I think we all feel like imposters, especially when it comes to crafting something we care about and is personal. I like using non-judgmental language when it comes to assessing my work. I ask myself questions like "is this the most effective way to communicate this point?" Removing the judgment can help not only with any self-vitriol, but it can make clear what your goals are. I will then outline the goals of my writing, and if I meet those goals in a piece, I know I have done all I can. How can a person who labors with genuine love and dedication be an imposter?

Jinx Malcolm | 📷 courtesy of Jinx

What do you value most about The Open Book Community? 

I value the ability to connect with writers of all genres living across the nation and the globe! It is a supportive community of smart and talented folks. I value the fact that the Open Book community is open to every writer, and you can really feel the welcoming atmosphere. It's an inspiring and supportive community.

I have grown so much as a human and human writer because of this community. I really thank you and everyone in this community for being authentic, genuine people who love to create. Y'all make the world a better place just by writing your truths, and you do so much more than write 💚✨️

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Soap and skin care:

A big thank you to you, Jinx, for sharing your writing experiences with us! Thank you for being a part of our community.


For more information on The Open Book Community, click here or email me: for more details and any questions.

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