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Do You Believe Your Words Matter?

"None of us can ever know the value of our lives, or how our separate and silent scribbling may add to the amenity of the world, if only by how radically it changes us, one and by one." - Mary Karr

I have a question for you: do you believe that your words matter? Like, truly. Deep in your heart.

Do you believe that capturing your thoughts, ideas, stories, dreams, musings, memories, and visions is a worthwhile endeavor?

If yes, I love that for you. If not, I invite you to interrogate why.

Do you think your neighbor’s words matter? Or mine? What about your child’s? Your friend’s?

If so, why not yours?

Maybe some of your words get shared. Maybe some get posted on Instagram. Maybe some get published. Maybe some get put in the group text. Maybe some get painted on a protest sign. Maybe some come together day after day after day and eventually become a book. Maybe some get crumpled up and thrown in the trash. Maybe some stay in the journal by your bedside. 

I’m not asking why your every waking thought shouldn’t be etched in stone somewhere.

I’m simply asking about picking up a pen. Opening up a notebook. Writing one word, then another and seeing where it goes.

Do you believe that matters?

Do you believe it should?

Do you believe it can?

Spoiler alert: I do.


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