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Inside Look: The Open Book Community ~ October 2022

It's been busy inside the Open Book Community!

We kicked off by setting our intentions for our writing at the beginning of the month and revisited them during each of our eight Writing Circle sessions.

Last week, we hosted our very first Open Book Community Book Club Discussion. We were joined by Nicki Pappas and chatted on her book: As Familiar as Family: Leaving the Toxic Religion I was Groomed for.

In our conversation, we talked about Nicki's experience sharing personal details of her life with the world, the response from her family and church community, how she measures "success" (spoiler: it's not book sales!) and much more.

Here's some additional goodies...

We wrapped the month with our Open Book Community Monthly Salon, reflecting on our writing from the past month, celebrating wins and grounding ourselves in preparation for our November intentions. Three of us shared our writing and we all - virtually - held each other and honored our courage!

Cooking up more fun for November. Stay tuned.


Interested in hearing more about the Writing Circles + Open Book Community? Check out the latest here.

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