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🎉Book Launch Alert: "Overcomer Unleashed" by Frederica Tokponwey Now Available

Congratulations to Frederica Tokponwey, the latest Open Book Company author to make their publication debut. Frederica's memoir "Overcomer Unleashed: Persevering Beyond the Myth of the Superwoman" is now available.

The book chronicles her journey of survival through trauma and loss to the reclamation of her strength. She empowers others through her candid and inspirational story, debunking the myth of the 'superwoman' and guiding the reader to their own path of transformation and resilience.

As Frederica says, "Join me in rewriting narratives and inspiring positive change."

It was an honor for me to journey with Frederica as she brought her book over the finish line. Here's what she had to say about our time together:

Congrats, Frederica!

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