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2023 Open Book Author Round-Up

Last year, I had the honor of walking alongside a number of authors as their books came out into the world, and I want to brag on them just a little bit here. 

When I share updates like this, I’m sometimes asked what I do when it comes to writing coaching and editing. The reality is, I partner with my clients in many different ways, such as… 

  • Guiding on book proposals and creating outlines 

  • Organizing chapters and helping with cohesion 

  • Coaching throughout the writing process 

  • Editing full-length manuscripts 

  • Advising on copy and plans for book launches 

  • Providing self-publishing support 

My clients are always in the driver’s seat. Sometimes I’m helping them create a map and letting them know the milestones they need to hit. Sometimes I’m jumping in the passenger seat, holding the directions and providing pros and cons when we come to a fork in the road. And sometimes I may even get to take over the wheel for a few minutes so they can get a breather.

I say all of this to underscore that I do not do any one “thing” or play any one “role” when it comes to partnering with authors on their journey to publication. “Success” for all of my clients is defined by them and achieved by them. I attribute it to their grit, determination and commitment.

They know their destination. I simply love getting the opportunity to be along for the ride.

The following “Open Book Authors” published their books or received agent representation in 2023, and I couldn’t be happier for them all. 

Check out their books below. 

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