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What's Your Writing Challenge?

We all have our "things" when it comes to our writing. 

  • Too busy to write.

  • Not enough ideas.

  • Too many ideas. 

  • Wrong ambience. 

  • Wrong pen. 

  • Everything sounds trite. 

  • Ooh, what's that over there...? 

At The Open Book Company’s (first!) in-person writer’s retreat last month, our focus was on our writing challenges.

The beauty of having a conversation about writing challenges is that (nearly) all writers can relate to each other’s "issues" no matter their genre or level of experience.

We categorized our challenges across four topics:

  • visibility (what others might think/say)

  • inner critic/mindset (I’m not good enough, imposter syndrome)

  • time (blocking the schedule, other responsibilities) and

  • craft (the various skills required).

I invite you to take two minutes to pause and jot down (or simply think about) your current writing challenges.

Quickly label them with the four categories above.

What do you observe?

Are your challenges all a matter of boundaries and prioritization? Are there certain skills you feel will help you move forward? What mindset shifts might support your writing practice?

What one small step can you take based on the challenges you’ve identified for yourself?

Remember: our writing challenges will change and evolve over time, so this exercise is helpful to get a baseline of where you are in this moment when it comes to what you need for your writing...right now. Revisit it as often as you’d like.

Naming a thing is sometimes all it takes to begin to move through it.

What’s your “thing” about writing right now? Can you shake it up?

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