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Welcome to 2023.

The resolutions have been made. Intentions have been set. Goals have been planned.

But, it's January 5th and reality has already set in.

My word of the year for 2023* is present. Deciding on my word was the easy part. But, how do I implement it and make it a reality each and every day? That's where the work comes in.

So, this year, I'm making an effort to focus on two things as it relates to bringing my intentions to the forefront.

  1. What tools do I need to make this happen? Do I need accountability? Direction and a plan? A daily or weekly "routine" to remind me? A mantra?

  2. What grace and kindness can I show myself regardless of the outcome?

I share this because I believe the same thought process can be implemented when it comes to our writing practice. Yes, set your intention and set your goals. But, don't forget to account for your path to get there. You'll want a map and some tools and maybe even a partner along the way. When it comes to your writing this year: Do you need accountability? Do you need a schedule? Do you need a specific setting? Do you need a dang mantra?

At the same time, consider how you show up for yourself and not just for the act of writing. My hunch is that it will serve you well to be gentle with yourself when the trail gets rocky. Maybe you'll start missing your routines or maybe your inner critic will take prime real estate in the front seat and refuse to leave you alone. That's the time to whip out the self-compassion.

SO, here's to ups AND downs with your writing this year. After all, it means you're showing up. - Kim

*Oh, and in case you were curious, my word for 2022 was "badass"-- I'm not kidding.

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