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A Dirty Little Secret for Writers

I've been thinking a lot about writing rhythms and how we sometimes hold ourselves to impossible standards when it comes to our writing output. And here's the dirty little secret I realized recently about writing:

Even when you’re not doing it, you’re doing it.

OK. Did you just turn into one of those head-explode emojis or are you rolling your eyes at me? It's cool. I can handle it. But, just bear with me for a second.

When you’re not writing, you’re living the life and having the experiences and thinking the thoughts and listening to the conversations that are all adding up to make you the human you are and - by extension - the writer that you are.

Yes, eventually that sh*t has to get put on the page. We can’t “law of attraction” our way to a published article.

But, we need stuff to excavate. We need the dirt to rummage through. We need to see the view to tell someone else about how dang beautiful it is. So - YES - keep showing up. Keep returning to the page. If not today, maybe tomorrow. If not tomorrow, maybe next week.

As always, continue to be gentle and kind to yourself. & Happy Writing.


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