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A Book Launch by the Sea

Tina Strawn was my very first book coaching client. In fact, she’s a huge part of the reason I got into the work I am doing (and loving) today. But, that’s a story for a different post.

I’m actually here to talk about Tina’s book launch party for her brand new book: Are We Free Yet? The Black Queer Guide to Divorcing America. (Spoiler Alert: Yes, the book is as good as the title.)

Early on in our book coaching relationship - over one year ago - I recommended the book Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott to Tina. She read it and loved it.

She reminded me of this over breakfast on the day of her launch party last week. “You know, there’s that bit in there where she talks about your book launch day and how it kind of just comes and goes.”

Tina said she remembered reading this way back then and had just one thought: NO.

And, so, she set her intention then and there for her book launch day - that day far in the future - to be different. To not just come and go, but to actually be something.

And so there we were, the real life manifestation of that intention, having this conversation at a buffet looking out at the Caribbean Sea about to head off to do some river rafting, before celebrating with folks all over the world on a Zoom call and then heading out - with her dear friends in tow - to the local cannabis lounge.

This was decidedly not a launch day that would simply “come and go.”

I share this story because it is so symbolic of Tina’s approach to life. She doesn’t care about…

  • “But, it’s always been like this” or

  • “This is how it has to be” or

  • “There’s no other way.”

She questions, she critiques and she makes her own path.

And those of us who are just lucky enough to be in her orbit get the ultimate benefit. Yes, of her friendship and her love - but also of the realization, the motivation and the knowing that there can be another way.

That’s what Tina has now gifted the rest of the world with her brand new book, Are We Free Yet? The Black Queer Guide to Divorcing America.

Yes, this book contains her story and so much more than that.

It’s a love letter to Black Americans and the queer community.

It’s a tribute to grief and healing.

It’s an ode to liberation.

It’s a rallying cry for us all - to examine everything while keeping our joy, peace and pleasure at the center of all we do.

Everyone who reads this book will be the better for it.

Congratulations to my dear friend, Tina. You did the dang thing. Happy Book Launch!


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Tina will be joining me for a fireside chat at The Open Book Community Virtual Retreat on January 31st. Tickets are pay-what-you-choose and you can register here.

Follow Tina on IG (@tina_strawn_life)

Buy a copy of her book from your favorite bookshop:

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